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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 18, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. hello, everybody, i'm beth, serging the web for the best videos of the day, and we got them, "right this minute." soldiers line up to get sworn in, but watch what happens. fbi. >> one man's escape from 13 tons of tank. some guys spot a coyote in a wild fence. >> he's upside down almost bent backwards. >> see the struggle to set him free and on his way.
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plus, a store manager asks to see a customer's recreate, and she's not having any it of. what she whips out. this dude does not want you to be sad, so he does this. >> what's happening? >> oh, my god. >> meet the man who gives a whole new meaning to doing a happy dance. it's safe to say that somebody's probably going to get in trouble for this because you don't normally see this at a swearing in ceremony. this is for the 83rd brigade airborne troops. this is in russia. as you see, a big demonstration is going on as soldiers are sworn in. there's rounds going off celebra celebrating, but watch what happens. >> fbi! >> they ran through the line of troops. >> it looks like he ran through the line of troops, but look at it from this angle, panning to the side, the armored carrier,
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see that? >> totally ran over somebody. >> he gets up, but he collapses again. he's the thing. this guy only suffered minor bruises and abrasions. the next day when they visited him at the hospital, he was smiling, joking saying he was born out of a shirt. rough translation meaning his clothes saved his life. >> how is that possible? tanks are so heavy, armored vehicles are incredibly sturdy, heavy vehicles, and there are a lot of tires that ran over that guy. specifically 13.6 tons ran over that kid. 18 years old. jumped up, collapses, but only minor bruising. >> russians are tough, aren't they? >> investigation is underway to check if the driver had an impairment, but not a single fracture in his body. oh, he's alive. get that video. >> i'm videotaping. >> something's stuck.
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that something, an animal, a coyote, a big one. they say it's alive. get a look at the thing. it's wrapped up in, like, a wired fence. they can jump, and he was trying to jump, like, over the fence, and got his leg wrapped up, and these legs are wrenched. when they get close, the coyote is motionless and does not make a peep. obviously in a lot of pain. he's upside down, almost bent backwards, and you can see that leg locked in a square of the fence. >> this makes me so sad. heart breaking to see. >> watch it man, he might be -- >> this is probably just exhausted. >> tired, dee hydrated, blood rushing to the head. who knows how long it's been there. >> guy used his weight to, like, push down, he's got one hand on the leg, one on the fence, just trying to get the separation there, but watch. >> oh, it worked.
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>> oh, my god. >> he's running fine. >> running away. you think he's hurt, leg broke, this guy's in trouble. they get him freed, and then the thing just goes, hey, thanks, and takes off. >> nice job, guys. >> surely his leg doesn't feel good, but judging by the video, i'd say the coyote's probably okay. animals are tough, resilient, and live in the wieltd. i like what the guys wrote in the description of the video. the roadrunner won again. >> and went to find a chicken instead because it was hungry. sometimes no bad deed goes unpunished. like this bad deed caught on camera. that woman, 26 -year-old jennifer lynn sojack walks out of walmart with a cart full of goods. thing is she didn't pay for the goods. >> none of them? the whole cart? >> grabbed household items and clothing and tried to walk out of the store, but a walmart
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manager noticed she did not pay. he followed her out in the parking lot and asked to see a recei receipt. she's not having it. see that mist going off? that is bug spray. she attempted to spray the guy down with bugo ward him off. she ran off. police later arrested this woman, and she was charged with first degree burglary and third degree retail theft. >> poor girl. not too bright, huh? this fellow not too bright. he charges into a bank in london, and as you can see, he has on the motorcycle helmet, and he's waving a gun around demanding cash. that's andrew fernandez. there's a customer there, 34-year-old james who thinks it's hilarious, confronts him,
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you're not getting cash today, buddy. scares the dude off, but it does not stop there. fernandez runs out of the bank, james chases him on to the sidewalk, and with the help of a friend in the car while james was in the bank, they tackle him and hold him there until police arrive. >> out crazied. you know? i'm crazier than you. >> you want to know why he was laughing? james realized it was an imitation gun. >> wow. >> now once police arrived, they took fernandez into custody, and they thought he was probably involved in two other robberies that were similar that occurred earlier in the year. he was charged for all three, and now he was just sentenced to life in prison. dash cam time, a couple near misses. wet roads in sochi, russia. this is coming at you.
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jackknifed trailer breezing by. not impressed? not close enough? it was a closer call for the guy behind this car. this car has two dash cams, one out the front, one out the rear of the car. watch what happens to that car. >> woah! >> that was an even closer call. holy smokes. the guy driving the volkswagen had the knife edge reaction. the people in the truck, i wonder if they hit anything. these two avoided it, but the guys in the same lane behind the truck could have slammed into it. >> you see the truck shudder, but by that time, the truck slowed down enough, hopefully shaved off some of the speed it was carrying. >> now, a pedestrian crossing, we know they are dangerous. there's the blue watch out somebody's walking sign on the right. the hash marks in the street, car up ahead slows, the dash cam car, but the traffic officer does not stop. he decides he's the smart one
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and go around everybody. winds up punted this guy. looks like he's sore, but gets back up. can you believe that? of all people to break the traffic laws, a traffic cop. >> i think he should lose his job. >> the guy crossing looked left, right, didn't think there was another car coming from the left. what's your reaction? you're a cop, dude, you hit me. you should know better of all people. this man is on a metal detector mission. >> you are not going to believe what i just found. >> dangerous! >> it's not what he found in the ground that was the real problem. >> watch out. and a card trick that will blow your mind. >> think of a card. got one? >> how is that possible? >> find out why this one works every time.
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so exciting when you find a buried treasure, something surprising. this digger, dan, here, he has a youtube channel finding stuff all the time with his metal detector. in berlin, germany, going on another dig. >> first day of metal detecting. >> they find a mortar bomb unexploded from years ago back in world war ii. they dig it up, the authorities help dispose of it, and dan reminds us don't mess around with unexploded. he finds old shells, pins, found
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old chains, but the big find on this day was -- >> i've done it before, and now at? >> a live hand grenade, second time. he's going to dig it up and pull the pin. >> why? that's dangerous! >> why not? >> did he just throw them out there. they are not covered up. >> he's just finding things. >> pull the pin, here goes the grenade. >> nothing happens. it was a dud. been there for years. >> oh, i thought he actually set it off. >> no. the grenade was not enough. he messes around with a hornet's nest. what do you think happens? >> he's going to get stung. >> gets stung. slow motion, right at him, accident happens him. >> oh, in the face? >> i'm not sure, the grenade didn't, but the hornet did. just adorable. they do the cutest things. check out this boy. >> four, five, six.
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>> looks like they are doing mountain climbers. i'm going to be just like dad. >> seven, eight, nine, ten. >> oh, cool. it's like a dance move, the boy, like, a break dance thing. >> yeah, his version of the workout, but it looks like it was good and effective. >> yes. >> seven, eight, nine, ten! >> now, this video was posted on to our facebook page in addition to this video. this cute, precious baby sitting there playing with her toys. she got tired of playing toys, so she walked over to the family's pet. >> she kissed the dog. >> that's so sweet. >> yeah. >> so adorable. she crawls over, gives it a sweet kiss on the forehead. tell me that's not absolutely precious. >> i love the dog. just totally down for it, just sitting there, doesn't really react or respond. isn't aggressive. >> good day for her. kissing the dog, hanging out with her toys, crawling around. >> being cute.
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>> yeah. >> uh-huh. guys, i'm about to blow your mind. this video from the nemesis 101. it is a magic trick video. you all get to participate. everybody at home, you get to participate. just follow his instruction. >> i want you to think of a card. >> got a card? >> got it. >> all right. >> got one? >> yeah. >> okay. mix up the cards a little bit. now, i'll take off one cards because i think it's yours. i'll show you the cards again, and your card is no longer there. >> is your card there? >> no. >> is your card there. >> i had two. >> two? >> neither was there. >> try again? >> think of a card. got one? yeah? now, take off one card, show you the card again. your card is no longer there. >> none of them are there. got it.
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all right. good trick, though. >> awesome. first time, i was like, what? how is that possible? i picked another card, and i was like, what? you're absolutely right, all he had was face cards of suit, and when he shows them again, you're focused on picking your card, you don't notice what all the other cards are. >> when he takes your card out of the deck, he takes out all the old face cards. it's probably more than just one card, right? all of them. in tern, a great trick. in person, you can't pause the video, oh, well none of the cards at the end were in the beginning. i like this. very well done. abby the dog is definitely in rough shape, but here comes dr. matt to the rescue. >> he's a hero. >> next, "right this minute." next, what does this girl do sky diving? >> hanging on his participants around his ankles for quite a while. >> how it's all part of the master plan. that was clever.
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for mr. bill sky diving stunts. there's a lot online. basically, two jump out of the plane, sky diving, one person hanging from the other person, the other person, shoot goes up, and the person goes, oh, no, and jumps off, and that person is down, but he has a shoot too, and they are find. >> looks scarey, right? >> that's how it's supposed to go. epic tv out of california, marine and rex jump out of this plane. they are together, rex pulls his
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shoot. he's good. claire, an avid extreme athlete, she hangs for a bit and lets go, but watch what happens. they are on the way down, all is well, she's about to shrink down and release until -- >> oh! >> that's not supposed to happen. >> oh, no. >> he loses his pants. she hangs from his pants around his ankles for quite a while. eventually, i'm going to let go. right there, she does a back flip from pants around ankle dismount, which i can't say, maybe it's never been done before. >> did she plan that? was that a move? >> i think so because of the harness hooked around his participants. that gives it away. >> we talked to her, and she said, yes, it was exactly how they planned it. >> that was clever. that was cool. they definitely edged it up a
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little. you know, give it their own little twist. >> oh, no. i love when people talk to their dogs and expect their dogs to answer, but maple, the american bulldog, she answers back. >> what did you do? what did you do? >> we got this video. >> did you chew this up? >> not this again. you know i'm a dog. >> did you do this? >> it does sound like the bulldog is going, uh? man, you left it on the floor. he was just picking it up. >> what did you do? tell me. >> i think she said no. time finally, the dog's like, i have a good way to get her to stop grilling me about the issue.
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full on face licking attack. that will stop a discussion every time. >> all right, all right, all right. >> good way to get out of stuff. >> lick me face, and i'll forgive you. now, if there's a fire in the kitchen, who do you call? >> help, fire! >> the fire department, right? cutest firefighter ever. >> they got in a wreck too, how about that? >> they did get in a wreck. the first dog, the fireman, cruso, his brother, oakly, in the truck. >> they were in a hurry, they took the turn wide. i hope they got the fire out. >> everybody was okay, the house fine, no damages. what's the best way to turn that frown upside down? >> you do it, by doing th
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welcoheyback. really? kiss your abs goodbye. cardiologist to check stand 1. crystal geyser alpine spring water? toucé. crystal geyser. always bottled right at the mountain source. like it was pressed and straightened out. >> i would put stuff in there all day long. >> i think posivity begets
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positivit positivity. >> he has a goal, the goal to make sure there's no more sad. how do you do that? you do that by doing this. >> don't be sad. ♪ >> what's happening? >> oh, my god. >> isn't that awesome? that's michael dukeson. people can go to his twitter account at no more sad or and leave your name and favorite song, and he creates a personalized video with your name, and dances willie nilly to your favorite song. >> wow. >> improve dancing. >> i like the booty shake. it's like this modern improve.
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>> interpretive. >> never been done before, moves i've never seen. how could you not laugh at this? we have michael via skype. welcome to the show. tell us about the project and the concept to do this for random strangers? >> hard pressed to find people who are opposing the happy dance, but a few people are a proponent of happiness. a friend was feeling down, and i did a bunch of weird dance moves, well, maybe, like, this is a good idea, so i created, like, an ad on my website, and it just spun from there. >> rod, don't be sad. >> how many of these videos do you think you've done for people so far? >> i've done 273 so far. >> wow! >> chris ordered a sandwich today and got mayo rather than
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mustard. she's sad. can you help her out? >> what's your favorite song? >> do you have it? >> oh, i have it. ♪ you just made me very, very happy. thank you so much. >> you forgot all about the sandwich. >> thank you so much. >> take care. >> that's all for us here at rtm. we'll see you next time
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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, time for great videos and the stories behind them, "right this minute. >> a puppy is spotted down in a well just moments from drowning, but they spring into action, and watch what they do. how manpower and a rope made for a life saving lift. it's a sharp turn in a rally race. >> if you're not careful -- >> what happens when one driver takes it too fast. and talk about a real charmer. >> you're about to have a kiss fest.


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